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Attis Comer

I have been working out since I was 10 years old. I think that is when I started to find my passion in training because I started seeing my body get stronger, faster and more athletic over the the years. This passion helped me play baseball all the way up to the college level and it also pushed me to pursue a degree in Exercise Science.  I have been a professional trainer for over 5 years now and have worked with hundreds of clients. I'm a father of three amazing girls and a husband to my beautiful wife. I like to go hiking, camping and I have been known to do a Spartan Race from time to time. I think training should be fun and enjoyable but productive. I like to make a positive impact on every person I meet. I believe God has called me to do this profession because I am persistent, motivated and inspired to teach people how to optimize their health
and be happy with who they are.

Why Strength training?

“Physical Strength is the most important thing in life.” -Mark Rippetoe

It is more than just building muscles and looking good, which isn’t bad either, but it is critically
important to our daily existence. Now we no longer are hunter-gatherers, and our physical strength
determines how much food we eat or if we can protect ourselves, but our bodies have adapted to need
physical strength to be healthy. The ability to adapt our physical strength doesn’t just help us
move around, move other things around and keep from falling. It also is how we develop strong bones
without a stressor that produces a strength adaptation. You cannot grow strong, healthy bones. The same is
true for the nervous system. Strength is primarily an adaptation of the nervous system since it
communicates to the muscle how hard and how much muscle fiber gets used. The endocrine system is
also improved because strength training produces an adaptation that regulates hormones. Strength
Training also improves posture and flexibility, which enhances the function of the organ system because
they can function correctly when they are not moved or compressed because of lousy
posture or flexibility.
To improve strength, you must have a progressive overload with each workout. If you have been
lifting the same 10lb dumbbells for the last six months, that is not progressive overload, and you are not
strength training. Strength training is done with a barbell and plates because you can incrementally add
weight to your desire. If I must produce overload, I can add a ½ pound to the bar, something you cannot
do with a dumbbell or a machine. Also, barbell exercise creates the systemic stress needed to
produce a strength adaption that machines don’t do. I am passionate about fitness and love to teach people. Nothing makes me happier than
seeing someone’s life change drastically because they took on a proper strength training program.



Attis has been my personal trainer for the past year.  I have gained strength, flexibility and an improvement in my back pain.   Attis has the knowledge and intuition to work around my limitations to improve my strength and regain my confidence and stamina.  I am so happy with his training!

Dr. Cathie Yaussy MD

Attis is a fantastic physical fitness trainer!  I am a 58 year old female and have been focused on losing weight while increasing my strength. Difficult goals to tackle at the same time, especially at my age! Attis listened to my goals and put together a great plan to help me gain more strength. I can honestly say I am now in the best shape of my life..

Joyce Mace 

He never let me quit, he believed in me and could see my potential.  Attis has remained very focused and professional during our past two years.  I truly recommend training with Attis Comer.  No matter what your age or fitness level, he will work you to your absolute best.

Joan E. Clendenning

I decided to look into hiring a trainer and was fortunate enough to find Attis Comer. As they say, the rest is history. One year later all parts of my body are much stronger than ever before. Attis is a genius when it comes to matching the workout to the person while keeping it interesting. No two workouts are ever the same. 

Phillip Flamm, MBA, CAPM

Attis Comer

Personal Trainer 

(806) 778-9092

Rockwall, TX

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